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trigger capture of payment via authorize.net

Does anyone know a any way to trigger authorize.net to automatically capture payment when order status changes to "shipped"?
We've integrated SF with authorize.net.  We'd like to automatically capture payment in authorize.net for an order that's had payment authorized, but not captured.  The trigger would be a change of status on the order, indicating that payment should be captured.  Is there any way to do this?  Manually capturing payment on each order is very tedious.
Would you like to elaborate your problem so i could help you?
We have orders flowing in from Magento with Cloudgento, as well as orders that we place within Salesforce.  The orders should flow in with payment already authorized via authorize.net, and we'd like our sales reps placing orders in Salesforce to authorize payment via authorize.net as well.  Then when it's time for the order to ship and payment is due, we want to automatically trigger capture of payment via authorize.net.  Currently, we'd have to click "payment" in salesforce to then go to authorize.net and capture.  But if this could happen automatically, it would save lots of time.  Could this be possible?