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Chad DavisChad Davis 

Class Error?? Illegal assignment from Schema.SObjectField to String

Hey Guys,  I am getting this error in my simple Apex class: Illegal assignment from Schema.SObjectField to String at line 3 column 1

FYI - Opportunity.Description__c is a Long Rich text field.


Global with sharing class Job_Description_Transfer {

string htmlString = opportunity.Description__c;

String RegEx ='(</{0,1}[^>]+>)';
string result= htmlString.replaceAll(RegEx, '');


What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!!

Best Answer chosen by Chad Davis
string htmlString = string.ValueOf(Item__c.Desc__c);

This will solve your problem..

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string htmlString = string.ValueOf(Item__c.Desc__c);

This will solve your problem..
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Chad DavisChad Davis
Thank you for your help. I am a novice and still trying to grasp Apex.  I have another question for you.

how do i update this trigger below to call on the new string value?
As you can see its mapped to the Opportunity which it doesnt need to me anymore.


Trigger Job_Description_Transfer on Job_Contract__c (before insert,before update) {

//create a set of job descriptions      
    set<Id> setRelatedJobIds = new Set <Id>();
    set<Id> setJobSegmentIds = new Set <Id>();
    for (Job_Contract__c japp: {
    Map<Id, Opportunity> mapOpportunityRecord = New Map<Id, Opportunity>([SELECT Id, Description__c, Job_Timing__c FROM Opportunity WHERE Id IN :setRelatedJobIds]);
    Map<Id, Job_Segment__c> mapSegmentRecord = New Map<Id, Job_Segment__c>([SELECT Id, Segment_Description__c, Segment_Timing__c FROM Job_Segment__c WHERE Id IN :setJobSegmentIds]);

    if(trigger.isUpdate || trigger.isInsert){ 
        for(Job_Contract__c jaTrigger : {
                jaTrigger.Segment_Description__c = mapSegmentRecord.get(jaTrigger.Job_Segment__c).Segment_Description__c;
                jaTrigger.Related_Segment_timing__c = mapSegmentRecord.get(jaTrigger.Job_Segment__c).Segment_Timing__c;
                jaTrigger.long_text_field__c = mapOpportunityRecord.get(jaTrigger.Related_Job__c).Description__c;
                jaTrigger.Related_Job_Timing__c = mapOpportunityRecord.get(jaTrigger.Related_Job__c).Job_Timing__c;