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Disable standard salesforce field behaviour

I have written an application with bespoke VF pages. I have used standard <apex:inputfield> tags throughout, but I do not want users to be able to click on fields which SF automatically makes into a link - this would take users to the standard SF page, which is something I do not want.

Anyone know how to disable this behaviour?
Rustyboy -- although more details might be needed here; if any link would take a user to a standard SFDC Edit or View page, you can override that destination by specifying your own VF pages as the action for that object's New/Edit/View button action. Go to the Buttons, Links and Actions section of the standard object (e.g. Account) or custom object to do the overridding. You will need a whole mess-o-VF pages to provide an alternate course.

Perhaps you can share a specific example that you are trying to disable?

Hey ,

Rather then using <apex:inputField> , you can use <Apex:inputText> this will remove standard behaviour of the field.

Abhi Tripathi
Salesforce Developer