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Workflow Questions


I have several basic questions pertaining to Workflows and approvals after reading Chapter 9 on Fundamentals books.

1. I have a new user created under my existing DE org. When I open up a second browser instance and wanted to switch back and forth, it "automatically" changes to the other user. I don't know why / how it got changed. From a given "user instance" on the screen, how do I change to the "other user instance" without having to log out and log in. If I have to multi-user approval/WF scenarios, how do I do with a single DE org?

2.  The first time I setup the approval process, I got an option to add the "approval related list" on the object on which I'm setting up the approval process. However, when I tried to do that subsequently, I never see that option, why?

3. Under time dependent WF actions, it states in the book that they are actions that occur before a certain amount of time has elapsed  - example given was seven days before the value of the hire by field. I didn't quite understand this example. In my mind, actions happen only a rule critieria has been "met", so an action can always "happen" after the fact. Can someone help explain?

4. In the book, it states when you accept positions from "unclaimed positions queue", it automatically removes those entries from under the "Time Based Workflow Menu" which you can access from the setup page. In my case, the records are still showing up even though I accept them. Not sure what am I missing here.

5. How to debug a WF rule line by line using the developer console? Can you do that for WF rules completely built using the platform? Pl share an example on how to do that.

6. On the approval process, when you choose "Next automated approved determined by"  - when you choose "Manager field", I have a few questions.

Let's say, I'm a recruiter, R1 and my Manager is RM1

The hiring mgr for the position is HM1 and his supervisor is HM2

As a recruiter, when I submit a position for approval, if this option is chosen, then would the position record go RM1 for approval, since he is the manager for R1 vs. the record going to HM1 for first level of approval and then to HM2 for the final approval (in a 2 step approval process). In this case, should I chose "create hierarchial relationship of R1 -> HM1 -> HM2), is this correct?

Thanks for your help !
7.  One more qstn on  - Use Approver Field of Position Owner? It states in the book that when you select this checkbox, the approval is routed to the user specificied in the manager of the "Manager field" of the record owner's user record.

Does this mean that this record will go to RM1 per the previous example. What happens if I chose the "manager field for next automated approved determined by", but do NOT select this checkbox, who will it go for approval?
To add, when I chose "hierarchical relationship" and provided a label, it doesn't allow me to setup up a relationship in order that I want R1 -> HM1-> HM2 etc. Is there a place where I can define that?
I've looked at that example for a long time so I am answering off the top of my head, so you may need to dig a little further.

1. Use a different browser, e.g. User 1 in Chrome, User 2 in Firefox
2. Not sure on this one...but you can always amend the page layout on the object to include it afterwards
3. The action will only be created when the criteria are met, then it sits in a queue until the specified date.
4. So actions can be removed from the queue (which can be seen under Setup > Admin Setup > Monitoring > Time-based Workflow) if a record is edited subquently and not longer matches the critera. I would check the criteria and when the workflow rule fires (everytime, created or created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria).
5. I'm not sure on the developer console, but I've done this using the debug logs before - Setup > Admin Setup > Monitoring > Debug logs. You may need to adjust the filters once you have started monitoring a user. Workflow has several options.
6. I believe this is the manager that is on the user record, there is a line manager field there. So in your example, assuming RM1 is the line manager of R1 in Salesforce, it would be RM1.
7. Think they both go RM1, assuming the position owner is the same user asking for approval

I can't think of an easy way of doing the hierarchical relationship part, without getting into multiple steps approvals - and I'm not sure if you can do it then either...

It's been a while since I have had to set one up, but hope that helps some at least :)
Thanks for your reply, One more qstn -- when I added this new user, I only see the 3 tabs "Home, Reports and Dashboards". I do not see any of the other tabs. I even logged in as the primary user of my DE org (with sys admin privileges) and saw that I made the "tab" visible to "standard users" too. If yes, why is it now showing up? Thoughts?