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VF page in Custom Object

Hi -

I created this VF page. There is an input field (amount__c), a commandbutton {!save}, and a Outputtext field "" with a formula {!amount__c*0.04521}. So when I click "save", the formula would calculate and input the sum into the output text field and stay on that vf page. That works but...

When I transfer all that to a new vf page in a custom object. When I click the save button to calculate, the page will go to the Home page of that custom object.

Can someone help me figure this out?


Chandra PrakashChandra Prakash


Are you coping all VF code to anthor VF page ..
check you Sobject field's.

and please share some brief.


yes - i copied everything into a new vf page.

Summary: I am trying to calculate a formula based on the {!Amount__c} *{!Account.percentage_rate__c} and see the result (apex:outputtext field). The amount field is entered manually and (apexcommandbutton value="calculate") calculates the formula.


i added ID strings to my forms and used re-render="ID string"