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Email alert with old value, new value


I'm tracking a number fields history and now I've created a workflow rule which sends an email alert if this field value is changed (for example the value was first 4 and now it's changed to 6"
Now the updated New Value is only shown in the email and not what the value was before? So how can I make the old value also show in the emal?


you can create an other number field for the old value, and with a workflow rule - criteria:  ischanged(numberfield__c)
add workflow action-  field update to update the new number field with:   Priorvalue(numberfield__c)
you can then add the field which is updated with the old value as well  to your email alert template.
Nirmal ChristopherNirmal Christopher
Create a workflow rule with the entry criteria "created date <>null"  with the condition created and evertime edited and create a field update to update the value of the field to a another field to store the previous value. In the field update formula try using ispriorvalue(fieldname) this will update the old value of the filed. Then set a email alert and include the two field values in ur template.
Siva Gunda 12Siva Gunda 12
I have a similar issue with Picklist Value to be included in the email alert.
The old value includes the number of picklist but not the text. how could i achieve it?