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Track that a lead/contact has recently taken part in mass email

Hi all,

What records are created in SF db during mass email? I thought that would be Tasks (from the activity reports) but my trigger on task doesn't seem to be called.

What I am trying to achieve:

During mass email, I need to suppress leads and contacts that have already been emailed in the last 60 days. I've put a trigger on task that would fill lead/contact custom field with today's date. This field is then used in mass email views filters.

Please advise how to track this information.

Thanks in advance!

When a mail email is sent to Lead/Contact - a completed email task would be created for this record where the subject will have Mass Email: at the beginning of it.

You can use this as a filter to mark the date field in your trigger such that you can then filter the mass email view using this date field..

hope i've understood your requirement  correctly..

Thanks for your reply!


Unfortunately, my trigger isn't being fired by mass email (although it is by the 'send an email' from the lead detail page).


Google says mass email doesn't fire triggers and workflow rules :( 


Any ideas on how else do I track this data? I know I can get this data in reports, but how do I apply it to later mass emails?