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Hi all,
what is work.com?
Work.com is a corporate performance management platform for sales representatives with a user interface (UI) that resembles a social networking website.

The platform, which is a Salesforce product, targets employee engagement in three areas: alignment of team and personal goals with business goals, motivation through public recognition and real-time performance feedback. Employees are encouraged to meet goals through a system that emphasizes recognition and rewards. For example, an employee might be able to earn a badge that represents a specific skill set or be awarded an Amazon Gift Card for going above and beyond a manager's expectations.  Employees also have the option of requesting immediate feedback and providing immediate feedback to peers or managers when requested.

Salesforce.com acquired the technology behind Work.com by acquiring Rypple, a Toronto-based company that offered cloud-based human resources software. Salesforce currently markets Work.com as one of three integrated tools called "Sales Performance Accelerator." The other two components of Sales Performance Accelerator are Data.com and Sales Cloud.


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