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Does a workflow instance persist, and if so where?

Or do you persist values in a workflow by creating properties in associated objects (like a Task or Case) that you use during flow execution?

I've inherited the task of Salesforce Development in our instance and was presented with a question.  I don't see a particular variable being persisted anywhere in related Updates located in the flow.  I was wondering if Flow instances come and go, if they persist anywhere, and the best practice for getting that data out.  My predecessor seemed to favor saving variables of importance to things like Task objects.  But if that hasn't been done in the past and I have a variable of importance, would that be available anywhere.  

Wow.  That was a long question(s).  


Please reply back if the question posted and my understanding are different. 

I think you are talking about the logs that you would want to have a look at while the workflow is executed. 

You can enable Debug Logs on the user who would be saving the record(example) which will fire the Workflow rule. 

Then download the logs and Analyse the same. 

See the blog below,




Thanks, Ashish.  Basically it comes down to my developer creating some variables to track things within the workflow, during the execution of the flow, but not persisting them anywhwere.  Thus, when the flow is complete (to my knowledge) there's no object saved anywhere for me to interrogate and read the value(s) of the variable(s).  Given that this particular flow has been in service for well over a year ... and I just now have a request to "do something" with the information that was being recorded in the flow ... my thinking is that if we didn't set it up to persist somewhere we can "get at it" that these variable values are lost (because, again, I have no idea how to interrogate an instance of a Flow that finished executing 4 months ago).  Unless someone can tell me "oh yeah, the instances of workflow objects are persisted here as <insert name of Salesforce object > and all you need to do is hookup your ETL connector to these and pull them into your relational database ... cheers".  But I haven't heard that, yet.  

Your log solution seems interesting, but not quite what I'm looking to do.  

You could create a custom object for logging and update fields in this from your workflows each time they execute but I'm not sure of the overall benefit of this. Seems to be overkill but may help your needs if you really need to store logs of which workflow executed, on which record and when.