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vivek ravivivek ravi 

how to write the soql query for fetching the notes and attachment related list

i have a custom oject name has brand and i need show  the notes and atachment records in the new window i already done with standard controller but nw i need to use the extension controller how can i fetch that with soql query

Hello Vivek,

 As per your requirment ,we can write your query like this

first you need get customobjectId by using Apexpages.currentpages().getparameter().get('Id');
for note :select id from note where parentId=:customobject Id;
in same way for Attachment:select id from attachment where parentId=:customobject.Id;

You may get all notes and attachments for particular record according to id which ur passing.

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Thank You,
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RIyas BasheerRIyas Basheer
Hi Vivek,

 You can try like this
for(myObj__c fp :[SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Attachments) FROM myObj__c LIMIT 1]){