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Can't figure out what's eating up my API calls...HELP!

For the past week or so, our org has been maxing out our API calls.  After doing some investigation, there's something running through my account that's making over 30K calls per day.  I thought it was two triggers I had written but I deleted both of those, and their related classes, and the issue hasn't resolved itself.  Other than those two things, there's nothing else I know of installed through my account. 

My main question is how can I track down the program making these calls??  Since there's no Client ID, I don't know how to go about figuring out what's doing this so I can stop it.  I submitted a support case to see if SF could help but they are now telling me that I will have to upgrade our support level in order for them to investigate.

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Any help or direction regarding what to do next would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
Pat PattersonPat Patterson
Can you email me your org id? I can probably get someone to take a look - with those numbers it should be pretty obvious what's causing the problem. ppatterson (at) salesforce (dot) com.

Hi Pat,

Thanks so much for your offer!  Just sent over my info.

Pat PattersonPat Patterson
Hi Season - I rattled some cages, and it looks like your case is progressing. Will reply to your email also.