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Anurag JainAnurag Jain 

how to hide Standard Lead Object Record from global search??

is there any way to hide standard Lead object Record from global search for System Admin???
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Anurag,
A solution could be this one :
- You could clone SysAdmin profile.
- Then use this cloned profile as SysAdmin, asign the profile to the user you want to hide the lead record from.
- The cloned profile allows you to modify the permissions on Standard Objects.
- You could remove all and then give access to the object throw persmission sets, but this is another thing :P then you remove view all and modify all
- Go to sharing Settings set oganization - Wide defaults for Lead as private

Now the user with the cloned SysAdmin profile wont be allow to see other people Leads. 

Otherwise, the standar sys admin profile is allow to do everything, there is no option for that. I know that is anoying because when you have an organization that needs to represent the company and your employees if you have a certain data that you dont want the admin to see, because admin could be IT not HR , then you can't. sorry :(  However I hope this little workaround helps you.

Kind Regards,
Anurag JainAnurag Jain
Thanks Carolina,

My User is System Admin so i can't even change his profile :(
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Anurag,
I know what you mean, Salesforce doesn' allow to the user to change it's own profile, but you can do it with another user ;)
To change the profile you will need another sys admin user... but always you will have an active Sys admin in the org, because you will need to have an autoamted Case User that can see/modify all, sorry. 

Anurag JainAnurag Jain
Hi Carolina,
Thanks, but another problem arise, as web to lead record is assosiated with the Std Lead object we have to give read permission to Lead object, when i am giving read permission it becomes searchable in the global search...:( i have only one System Admin user.
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina

Yeap, with Sharing settings to private might help, but as we know Sys Admin will allways have visibility to everything.  We can't change that :( 

:) the fun of Sys Admin user!