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Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan 

Please give some example trigger to share the contents(Library files) to the newly created Parner community user automatically?

Hi All,

I have a requirement  to share the contents that I have in my library should be automatically shared to the newly created Parner Community user.
Instead of manually sharing the contents with library permission, i need to give permission while the user has created.

If any one have worked on this please help.

Thanks in Advance.
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Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
At last I made it, that works now. Actually by working on this, I used Public group to workout this. I have added 'ALL PARNER USERS' to the group, and in the library members added the Public group name.

So, its working now.

Kamatchi Devi R