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I am trying to integrate a 3rd party web app with my customer portal. There are 5 tabs on my customer portal out of which 2 of them references visualforce pages and the remaining 3 should reference 3 different pages in the web app. The integration need to be done in such a way that when a user click on any one of the 3 tabs which references the web app it should take the user to the individual web app pages associated with the tab.

E.g. If we have tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4 and tab5, tab1 and tab3 will take you to the respective visualforce pages associated with the tab. tab2 should take you to tab2 page on the web app Similarly, tab4 and tab5 should take me to tab4 and tab5 page on the webapp.

It should be a seamless integration and the user should not be aware of the fact that he is accessing 2 different apps. Would really appreciate if anyone could suggest me the best way to implement this.

Hi ,

Refer to the link below,