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Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina 

Salesforce1 - Chatter Action Update - Funny behaviour :)

I have a "readOnly" field by layout in a Chatter Action-Update, It works in browser no when it is used in @Salesforce1 bug/no bug?

What do you think? I understand that you will put in the layout only the fields that you want to allow the user to update... but maybe you would like to have more info.

However , once again, it makes sense to have only the ones that you will allow to update... but then.... why does the chatter action work in browser and no in Salesforce1????

Ideas? Opinions ? 
What exactly is happening with the read-only field when viewed in Salesforce 1? Is it not displaying at all? Is it editable rather than read only? 

Are you seeing different Salesforce1 behavior between the mobile app and directing a browser to https://[instance]

I did a quick experiment with an Update Record Publisher Action on Opportunity, making the Amount field read-only on the Action's layout. It behaves as I would expect - displaying the field without allowing it to be edited - in both the desktop browser interface and the Salesforce1 browser interface. Are you seeing something different?
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Thomas,

Thank your for your reply.

I'm seeing different behaviour between Salesforce1 mobile app and browser.

I have a chatter action - Update - in a custom object. 
The chatter Action- Update has several fields on the layout. One of them is read only in the layout.( Details__c, field text is read only )
Now, if I use the Action by browser - It works
However if I use the action by emulator, browser- /one/, app - it doesn't work : Error << bad field names on insert/update call :  Details__c>>

I also created a Chatter acction -Update in opportunity ( To check that was not only in my custom objects ) . In the layout I used the fields Description and Quantity. Description in Chatter Action layout is Read-Only. When I use this action through broswer it wors, when I use it trough app ( emulator, one/ ) and doesnt' work : Error << Opportunity: bad field names on insert/update call Description>>


I think it is a little bug or might be it is not possible to have in the update acction fields that we are not going to use.. ? 

What do you think? 

I have a similar issue.  When using SF1, I created a custom action on a Task.  For the layout for that custom action, I have 4 fields, only one of which I want to make editable.  However, if I set any field to read-only in the layout of that custom action, it results in an error when the submit button is hit (Task: bad field names on insert/update: <Lists read-only fields here>).   

So it seems like one cannot display read-only fields on an action layout - is that true, and if so, is it by design or something we can expect to get fixed?