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Creating a field update to standard object

I have a problem which I can't solve how would be easier to do this.
Problems is that when a new case is created the account -field is empty, now I need to create a workflow which updates this fields value to a one precise account. Now when I'm trying to create a workflow it says an error "Error: Field Account does not exist. Check spelling." And I think it's because it is a standard lookup field ? How should I solve this so I can create a rule or something that kind to change this Account-fields value?

Hi Laaral,

Even though the fieldname of Account field on Case object shows as 'Account' the actual api name is 'AccountId'. Please try with this and hopefully it will fix your issue.

Fore more information on api names you may refer to Salesforce SOAP API documentation at the link http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/

Search by the object name to get the list of all the fields and their details by clicking on search option on the left side panel