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hi could u pls tell me wt is apigee,how it is helpfull related to salesforce..........?

Hi, Apigee makes free API tools for developers and also sells an API platform to enterprises.   

The best example of Apigee API tools is the API console.  The console helps developers learn and work with APIs.   There are several consoles for popular APIs.  See the Twitter API console at https://app.apigee.com/console/t... as an example.

Apigee's business model is selling the Apigee Enterprise platform to enterprise API providers like Netflix and Sears.    The enterprise product is used for functions such as API anaytics, developer portal and keys, API rate limiting and traffic shaping, OAuth and API security,  API transformations (such as SOAP to REST transformations and versioning.) and performance (response caching, global distribution) .   The enterprise product can be deployed in the cloud, as on-premise software or hardware. Apigee is a online console where developers can test api's http://apigee.com/docs/console-go/content/whats-api-console