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Jim F.ax281Jim F.ax281 

How can I determine if a user has access to my custom VF tab?

I have a managed package that contains a number of custom objects, Apex classes and VF pages.  One VF page can be placed on Opportunity page layouts.  However, I don't want it to be visible to any user that doesn't have permission to see the VF tab that is part of my package, so I've tried to add code to my Apex controller class to handle this, but am stumped.  I'm familiar with describeTabs and DescribeTabResult, but those only show tabs that are visible in the tab bar for that user.  There are potentially many instances when a user might not have my tab visible in their tab bar, but can still have permission to view it.  Is it possible for me to do this in Apex?

Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim,

Read this link  I think this may help you:


Thank You