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Edit Log at the bottom of VF page


I have a VF page, which displays a list of record, each record has a link to edit and they can edit and come back to the list page.

But i want to display the changes made on these list of records, who is making the change, a simple log information kind at the bottom.

even if i go for history, it cannot capture for list of records and display on single VF page.

Please help.

The below post might help 
I saw that link but i understand that is only for a single record not for the list of records.

I have 10 records displayed on a table, botton of this table, i want logs/history of all the 10 records edit.
In that case the other approach that goes in my mind is to have a separate custom object to track the changes on the current custom object. Relate the records of the custom object with the id of current object record. It is like creating a new custom object for log purpose and every record in this custom object corresponds to a change done on the current object record. Not sure how good this solution would be but there will be a lot of flexibility unlike history objects.