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force.com Site limits

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make sure I understood the limits of Force.com Sites before I went forward with releasing one:

• Bandwidth Limit: 40 GB – Number of bytes going in and out of the site
• Request time: 60 Hours – Total amount of time spent to generate pages on the server side

Does the Bandwidth Limit have to do with the view state along with any records the site creates? Like lets say my view state is just under 4 KB and the record the site creates is 2 KB. Does that mean for that session the total bandwidth taken up would be 6 KB? If so it seems like that site would take a really long time before I reached the 40 GB limit.

For the request time limit, does that just mean how long it take someone to render the page. If so then I think I will be fine there as well. The site does not have much information on it and has a very small insert to make so it only takes a few seconds to load the page and insert the record. 

The site I am planning on release is a very simple input site and I only plan on releaseing it to possibly 50-100 people. I don't believe I will reach the limits stated above but I want to make sure I understand the limits before I release this site and get a huge number of errors or anything.

NehalNehal (Salesforce Developers) 

Please go through the below links that will give you the clear view on force.com site limits:


I hope this answers your query.