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Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan 

Can we make a custom list view should be default to users in salesforce?

Hi All,

I have a requirement that, I need to assign a custom list view to the users whenever they login and check the Lead Object.

Is it possible? Anyone has any idea about this means please help.

Thanks in Advance.
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi KamatchiDevi,
You can have diferent list views for different users, hope this info helps : https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=customviews.htm&language=en_US


Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
Sorry my question is not clear to you i think so.  I know how to create list view Carolina. But, my requirement is how to show the custom list view by Default whenever a user login to their account.

Eg- If a user logged in and viewing the object. Then, they view a custom list view say 'My Team Records', and if user change the list view to 'All records' and logged out. Now, when they login back again they should see the List view as 'My Team Records' default selected.

I want to set the custom list view as 'Defualt' list view to the users. Can this be possible for now?

Anyways thanks for sharing your idea.

VikashVikash (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kamatchi,

Please follow the below idea. The thing you are trying here is out of box and an Idea post has already been posted regarding this

Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
Thanks Vikash.