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Insert records using java script detail page button

Hi there,
My requirement is that we have a Custom Detail Page button on Opportunity , when we click on the button it should create a new record on Custom object. Here is the code snippet that i worked with but when we clicked on the button it is smiply showing error that " A PROBLEM WITH THE ONCLICK JAVASCRIPT BUTTON OR LINK :{fault code: Invalid_Type,SObject Type abc__c is not supported. Be sure to append __c if you are using custom object.

{!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/22.0/apex.js" )}
var connection = sforce.connection;
var ab= new sforce.SObject("abc__c");

Any help would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

Two reasons for this issue

1. The custom object does not exist or is defined incorrectly like missing underscore('_'), However, I see that you gave double underscore to represent the custom object correctly.

2. CRUD permissions not available for this user on custom object. Despite being a system administrator, sometimes you may not have the create permission on the custom object. Please make sure that you have the custom object permissions which should resolve the problem. Reference ; http://foxsys.blogspot.in/2013/04/sales-force-custom-object-permissions.html

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Hi Ramu,
Thanks for the reply.

CRUD Permissions are available on the custom object but still it didn't worked.
Hi Guys,
thanks for the reply  and i got the answer.
 The reason being the error is i have name space in my org and need to add name space as prefix.