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Bryan Revelant 7Bryan Revelant 7 

APEX Trigger on formula field

I have an apex trigger on a formula field. The formula field is coming from a parent object if that makes a difference. 

Order of operations
users enter stuff on parent hits save. 
User enters data on child hit save. 
User then goes back to parent - hits a drop down selects submit
This provides the data in the formula field 
I have a trigger if condition on the child formula field that says the below. 
The problem I have found is it does do the logic I am stating unless the user edits the record and clicks save, or already has the parent value set to submit. What I want is as soon as the user enter the submit button the trigger fire on the child object. Please advise if you can 

trigger ADRUserTrigger on ADRUser__c ( before update, before insert){     
     for (ADRUser__c a : Trigger.New) {
    if (a.Next_Step2__c == 'Submit') {
update some records 

Any help would be nice

Unfortunately, formula field value change will not execute trigger as per the standard functionality of salesforce. The below discussion thread talks about the same http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/28276/formula-field-change-doesnt-cause-trigger-fire

In your current case when you are aware that the formula field would change due to certain activity on parent record, why not create a trigger on parent record as there is some DML action going and update related child records ? 

Hope this helps !!
Bryan Revelant 7Bryan Revelant 7
That most likely will work. The formula was on a picklist