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Stephanie AkinStephanie Akin 

Help with a test class

Hi I have an apex class:
public with sharing class ProfileTabUserController {
// Purpose: Custom Chatter profile page
private ApexPages.StandardController c;
// Getter methods you can call from your Visualforce page, e.g. {!viewingMyProfile }
public User subjectUser { get; set; }
public boolean viewingMyProfile { get; set; } // Whether or not I’m viewing my profile
public String viewerID { get; set; } // UID string for the viewing user
public String subjectID { get; set; } // UID string for the subject user (being viewed)
// Constructor method for the controller
public ProfileTabUserController(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {
c = stdController;
subjectID = getTargetSFDCUID();
// If we're operating inside a tab running inside of a profile...
if (subjectID != null) {
// Inject the sfdc.userId URL parameter value into the id param
// so the std User controller loads the right User record
ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().put('id', subjectID);
// Load the User record for the user whose profile we’re viewing
this.subjectUser = (User)stdController.getRecord();
Id viewer = Id.valueOf(UserInfo.getUserId());
Id subject = Id.valueOf(subjectID);
viewingMyProfile = (viewer == subject);
viewerID = UserInfo.getUserId();
// Fetches URL parameter passed into a profile tab indicating which user is being viewed
private String getTargetSFDCUID() {
// Overrides StandardController save method to force reload of current page afterwards
public PageReference save() {;
return ApexPages.currentPage();
// Overrides StandardController cancel method to force page reload
public PageReference cancel() {
return ApexPages.currentPage();

But I need help with a test class. I have this but I keep getting error and it won't let me save. Can anyone help me fix the test class or help me to create a new one? Thanks in advance, here is the test class. 

private class ProfileTabControllerTests {

private static testMethod void testProfileTabController() {

User u = [select Id from User where Id = :UserInfo.getUserId() ];

PageReference pageRef = Page.Chatter_Custom;
ApexPages.StandardController con = new ApexPages.StandardController(u);
ProfileTabUserController ext = new ProfileTabUserController(con);

System.assertEquals(u.Id, ext.subjectID);

String cancelPage = ext.cancel().getUrl();
String savePage =;

Could you please share the error message you are recieveing when trying to save the test class..

Stephanie AkinStephanie Akin
Error Error: Compile Error: Variable does not exist: viewingMyProfile at line 14 column 15

Sorry about that.
This error message is coming up reason being the test class doesn't have the viewingMyProfile field defined like you have it in your actual class: 
public boolean viewingMyProfile { get; set; }

Stephanie AkinStephanie Akin
So how would I fix this? Sorry I am very new to apex. 
did anyone solve this ?