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Data migration process steps....

Hi All,

  data migration exsisting system(JAVA) to want steps for doing migration Please Share your ideas .

AmitAmit (Salesforce Developers) 

Please refer following links for more information:

Consider below steps for Data Migration from one platoform to other.
  1.     Insert/Upsert/Update - Create External Id fields to map with source system and update the data accordingly,
  2.     Field Mapping - Identify the source objects and fields and map with destination object and fields.
  3.     Data Cleansing - existing data need to be cleanse before data migration (Phone, Email fields does't accept incorrect values, make sure to process relevant data other wise more issues come)
  4.     Choose correct data type based on source data model and create the fields accordingly.
  5. Salesforce generates unique id for each record and these records need to reference (master detail/lookup) with child objects, For example you need to map with Account and Contact objects, first u insert the Account object and get the Account Salesforce Ids based on your legacy system external id and map with contacts and insert to Contacts. [Contact object have AccountId field relation with Account object] //ly you need to follow rest of the objects based on your data model.
  6.     Time stamp fields data may differ from java to salesforce - [Salesforce date time format2013-09-06T11:42:07.000Z]
  7.     Use the formula fields in salesforce as much as possible rather than dump the common data from source system (account name, user name referenced with multiple objects, use the formula field and establish the relation (

Suggested  tools for data migration:
  •     Data Loader - if the source system has less objects.
  •     Cast Iron -
  •     SSIS
  • Migration tool
  •     DbAMP

Hope this information will help you. Please let me know if you need more details.
Harinath VickyHarinath Vicky
Another good tool for data and database migration generally is IRI NextForm if the data are in structured (flat) files or RDBs and you need to move between them. I like that one because it runs in Eclipse and supports many sources, mappings, masking, metadata management, etc.
A LoA Lo

Another suitable way to solve this task is to run automated Data Migration.
As well, my recommendation is to look at Data2CRM service, cause our team can migrate data from any system (if only there is database access or API key available).

Also, you can schedule Data2CRM expert’s call to get insights or ask me the question.

Hope, my suggestion can help you
Simon DweSimon Dwe
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James DornJames Dorn
Skyvia ( allows you to migrate data to other cloud systems. This is a no-code cloud service