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Eric BowdenEric Bowden 

Chatter Embed Feed Component (javascript)

Does Chatter offer a javascript embed component?

To better describe:  The idea is to be able to embed the Chatter feed and features in an html page using only javascript.  As an example, Yammer includes an embed component allowing a few lines of code in html to render the feed (see the first code snippet at https://developer.yammer.com/connect/).  This kind of integration is very handy and easy to use, so I imagined the Chatter folks are probably working on something similar (and better!).

I have experimented with embedding the Salesforce One UI in an html page as an iframe.  With privacy policies relaxed, this worked pretty well in my very limited testing, but I wanted to see if there are plans for a component designed for this sort of embedding.

Anyone heard of plans for this?

Eric Bowden
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Hi Eric,

Please see if this helps: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F00000009A2XIAU

As of now, you cannot embed chatter in an external website, but you can try to add chatter in your Force.com site page, and try to embed the force.com site url in a frame in your website.