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R SmithR Smith 

Taking a copy of Prod database and replacing the Sandbox

Hello all.  I am posting under my supervisors name/account.  I have been tasked with taking a fresh copy of the PROD database and replacing the Sandbox database to give us identical database objects (tables, queries) and data at the time of execution in both environments.  I know most people end up pushing the Sandox to Prod but we need to do the opposite.  I have only been exposed to Salesforce for the past two days sdo it's all very new to me.  However, I do have a strong DBA background (MS SQL Server). 

How would I go about doing this?  We have a Enterprise license of SalesForce and I do have access to a UI called "Workbench".

(To emphasize, this is for the database only.)


In Production, go to Setup -> Deploy -> Sandboxes -> Refresh next to your "Full" type sandbox. If you don't yet have a full sandbox, you'll have to create a New Sandbox first.
AmitAmit (Salesforce Developers) 

You can use Bulk XML feature available in workbench to extract the data from production and then insert it into production.

Goto queries>SOQL queries>select Bulk XML

Once the process has completed you can download the generated XML and use it  to insert data into your sandbox.

I hope this helps.

Amit Bhardwaj

R SmithR Smith
Thank you both.  I will investigate these options.  Thanks!!