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I have created a custom object called Projects. I have also created other custom objects that are related to the Projects custom object. On one of the related list is a buttom called new. I click this buttom it opens the record edit page. I create this record. I save this record. Now the question is, when I save this record it goes to the newly created record. How can I bypass this and when I click save it goes back to the Project custom object?  

Any help?

Thank you,
Iman MaghrooriIman Maghroori
Great question! 

What you want to do is create you're own custom "new" button. 

You'll want to set a parameter called "RetURL". This is where you'll want the page to redirect after it saves. 

In general, you'll make this a formula. Something that looks like   ?RetURL={!Account.id} 
This would save, and go back to the associated account record. 

I hope this helps! There's plenty out there for RetURL

(Here it is explained a slightly different (and most likely better way) https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gt5XAAQ 

Good luck in the cloud. 
This works.. But the Project Name field no longer pre-populates. How would i make this happen? Thanks, SC