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Nidhi MalhotraNidhi Malhotra 

Custom My Profile Page

Hi All the experts out there! I need your help with the following code.

I am trying to replicate the custom My Profile Visual force page. I am using the standard Visual force page and controller that was available in the instance.

I modified it and commented certain lines. After commenting certain lines I found that the Command buttons are not functioning properly.
The reason I commented some pageblock section tags and all is that I want this page to be custom. I will add other header and logos using HTML. I also want only certain fields to be editable. That is the reason I have commented certain lines. 

But after doing so, the command buttons itself does not function. Or when I try to click it, I am not even able to click it.

Can anyone please help me to fix this? All that I want is that this page to be functional with few fields but no standard salesforce styling inside that. If everything is in wile background also that is also great. I even want to retain the change password function. Also the change password page should not have standard salesforce syling.

Please help me to fix this issue.


Apex Page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<apex:page id="portalUserProfilePage" controller="CustomMyProfilePageController" showHeader="false" title="{!$}">
  <!-- <apex:composition template="{!$Site.Template}"> -->
    <!-- <apex:define name="body"> -->
        <apex:form id="theForm">
          <apex:outputPanel style="padding:50px 50px 50px 50px" id="userDetail" rendered="{!isEdit}">
           <!-- <apex:pageBlock title="{!$}" id="editUserDetail" rendered="{!isEdit}"> -->
             <apex:pageMessages />
             <!-- <apex:pageBlockButtons id="editButtons" location="top"> -->
               <apex:commandButton id="save" value="{!$}" action="{!save}" rerender="userDetail"/>
               <apex:commandButton id="cancel" value="{!$}" action="{!cancel}" rerender="userDetail" immediate="true"/>
             <!-- </apex:pageBlockButtons> -->
             <apex:pageBlockSection id="editUserSection" columns="1" title="{!$}">
                 <apex:inputField id="editusername" value="{!user.username}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="edittimezone" value="{!user.timezonesidkey}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editlocale" value="{!user.localesidkey}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editlanguage" value="{!user.languagelocalekey}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editcommunityNickname" value="{!user.communityNickname}"/>
             <apex:pageBlockSection id="editContactSection" columns="2" title="{!$}">
                 <apex:inputField id="editfirstName" value="{!user.firstName}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editemail" value="{!}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editlastName" value="{!user.lastName}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editphone" value="{!}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="edittitle" value="{!user.title}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editextension" value="{!user.extension}"/>
                 <apex:pageBlockSectionItem />
                 <apex:inputField id="editfax" value="{!user.fax}"/>
                 <apex:pageBlockSectionItem />
                 <apex:inputField id="editmobile" value="{!user.mobilephone}"/>
               <apex:pageBlockSection id="editAddressInformation" columns="1" title="{!$}">
                 <apex:inputField id="editstreet" value="{!user.street}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editcity" value="{!}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editstate" value="{!user.state}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editpostalcode" value="{!user.postalcode}"/>
                 <apex:inputField id="editcountry" value="{!}"/>
           <!-- </apex:pageBlock>     -->   
             <apex:outputPanel style="padding:50px 50px 50px 50px" id="userDetails" rendered="{!!isEdit}">
            <!-- <apex:pageBlock title="{!$}" id="viewUserDetail" rendered="{!!isEdit}"> -->
                 <!-- <apex:pageBlockButtons id="detailButtons" location="top"> -->
                   <apex:commandButton id="edit" value="{!$}" action="{!edit}" rerender="userDetail"/>
                   <apex:commandButton id="changePassword" value="{!$}" action="{!changePassword}"/>
                 <!-- </apex:pageBlockButtons> -->
                 <!-- <apex:pageBlockSection id="viewUserSection" columns="2" title="{!$}"> -->
                     <!-- <apex:outputField id="detailusername" value="{!user.username}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailtimezone" value="{!user.timezonesidkey}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detaillocale" value="{!user.localesidkey}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detaillanguage" value="{!user.languagelocalekey}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailcommunityNickname" value="{!user.communityNickname}"/> -->
                 <!-- </apex:pageBlockSection> -->
                 <!-- <apex:pageBlockSection id="viewContactSection" columns="2" title="{!$}"> -->
                     <b>Email : </b> <apex:outputField id="detailemail" value="{!}"/> <br/>
                     <b>Name : </b><apex:outputField id="detailfirstName" value="{!user.firstName}"/> <br/>
                     <!-- <b></b><apex:outputField id="detaillastName" value="{!user.lastName}"/> -->
                     <b>Title : </b><apex:outputField id="detailtitle" value="{!user.title}"/> <br/>
                     <!-- <apex:outputField id="detailphone" value="{!}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailstreet" value="{!user.street}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailcity" value="{!}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailstate" value="{!user.state}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailpostalcode" value="{!user.postalcode}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailcountry" value="{!}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailextension" value="{!user.extension}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailfax" value="{!user.fax}"/>
                     <apex:outputField id="detailmobile" value="{!user.mobilephone}"/> -->
                 <!--</apex:pageBlockSection> -->
               <!-- </apex:pageBlock> -->
    <!-- </apex:define> -->
<!-- </apex:composition> -->

Controller ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
* An apex class that keeps updates of a portal user in sync with its corresponding contact.
   Guest users are never able to access this page.
public with sharing class CustomMyProfilePageController {

    private User user;
    private boolean isEdit = false;

    public User getUser() {
        return user;

    public CustomMyProfilePageController() {
        user = [SELECT id, email, username, usertype, communitynickname, timezonesidkey, languagelocalekey, firstname, lastname, phone, title,
                street, city, country, postalcode, state, localesidkey, mobilephone, extension, fax,
                FROM User
                WHERE id = :UserInfo.getUserId()];
        // guest users should never be able to access this page
        if (user.usertype == 'GUEST') {
            throw new NoAccessException();

    public Boolean getIsEdit() {
        return isEdit;

    public void edit() {

    public void save() {
        if ( != null) {
            setContactFields(, user);

        try {
            update user;
            if ( != null) {
        } catch(DmlException e) {

    public PageReference changePassword() {
        return Page.ChangePassword;

    public void cancel() {
        user = [SELECT id, email, username, communitynickname, timezonesidkey, languagelocalekey, firstname, lastname, phone, title,
                street, city, country, postalcode, state, localesidkey, mobilephone, extension, fax,
                FROM User
                WHERE id = :UserInfo.getUserId()];

    public static void setContactFields(Contact c, User u) {
        c.title = u.title;
        c.firstname = u.firstname;
        c.lastname = u.lastname; =; =;
        c.mobilephone = u.mobilephone;
        c.fax = u.fax;
        c.mailingstreet = u.street;
        c.mailingcity =;
        c.mailingstate = u.state;
        c.mailingpostalcode = u.postalcode;
        c.mailingcountry =;