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Time based workflow on User

    Whenever a user is assigned multiple leads a email gets sent to the owner informing him of this after 5 mins. We have a wokflow on User and based on the field value on the User the workflow is triggered. The email gets sent to the correct user i.e the owner of the leads but the merge fields on the template considers the values of the user who assigned the user to the leads. Could anyone please let me know the reason behind this incorrect merge field values .


The merge fields you are using...is it correct that these fields are from the user object? if yes, in that case, i believe, this is working as expected as the fields will be picked up from the user who triggers the workflow and not the user being sent the email. 
Nidhi MalhotraNidhi Malhotra

What Sonam is telling is perfectly right. There would be two situation: You are either using the merger fields related to the user lookup field or you are referring to the merge fields related to the owner lookup field. That means you might have a user lookup field on the User object.

Am i Right @Sonam?

Sonam_SFDC/Nidhi : Thank you for answering the query (I know its a very late reply =) )