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Get picklist value from page to controller when using VF Component

I am working on order form. I am querying for avilable items and displying on form. I have more than 20 items, so using component to display input fields
Here may controller code. BRData is a list of available items
BRData= SELECT id, BR_Image_Name__c, Title__c, Description__c, isPoster__c, Lang_Russian__c, Lang_english__c, lang__c, spanish__c
FROM brochures__c where Display__C = TRUE by sort_order__c
Component code
<apex:inputField id="postSpanish" rendered="{!if(currentBrochureData.BR_Lang_Spanish__c ==TRUE, TRUE, FALSE)}" value="{!currentBrochureData.BR_Posters__c}"/>
<apex:inputField id="Russian" rendered="{!if(currentBrochureData.BR_Lang_Russian__c ==TRUE, TRUE, FALSE)}" value="{!currentBrochureData.BR_Quantity__c}"/>
Page code
<c:BrochureDataCmpt BrochureData="{!BrData[2]}" />
All images and input data fields Data is properly being displayed. How to get the value entered in BR_Posters__c, BR_quantity__c to my controller? 

Below is an article that explains the usage of custom components completely. Please review the article at the link http://www.packtpub.com/article/custom-components-in-visualforce

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Thanks so much for the response. How can I get complete code to try it out, so I can apply to my code