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Show alert message on standard Edit page of Case Record.

Please let me know how to achieve this.

1. Show alert message on standard Edit page of Case Record. This alert will show on certain condition.

I know i can show VF page when user clicks on edit button but not interested to go by that route. 
Please let me know is there any other way ?

Thanks in advance.

sam sammsam samm

are you talking about message like this :
onclick="return confirm('your message here?')"
The standard edit page does not allow any customizations hence you need to with visualforce page with javascript that cann generate the alert on certain conditions.
praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan

For this you need to create one VF page override for edit. Onload of that page you need to show alert msg.

<apex:page standardController="case">
<apex:form >
<apex:pageMessages />
     <apex:detail relatedList="true" title="true"/> 

As you said you know how to do in VF page, You have follow the same. You can you onchange method show popup/alert only on certain condition.

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Praveen Murugesan.