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How to delete a custom field from a released managed package? (ISV)


The Spring '14 Release Notes state "Starting Spring ‘14, ISVs can delete the following types of components when updating a previously released managed package" and lists Custom Fields as one of the options.

They also state "You can delete managed components, both declaratively, from the user interface, and programmatically, using the Metadata

However when I log into the release account of our managed package, and view package components, there is no option in the Actions column to delete the custom fields from the package. We are an ISV partner so how do we delete fields through the user interface?

You need to contact with salesforce in order to delete a custom field or an object from managed package  ,salesforce does not allow to delete objects from managed package through the user interface at least for now.
Hi ouz_alp,

Thanks for your reply.

I know that before Sprint '14 it was not allowed, but according to the Spring '14 release notes ISV partners can now delete fields from a managed package though the UI. (see pages 339 -340)
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Hey anam99, you have to file a Case with SF support and they can turn on the ability to delete fields from your package-creation org.