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Lead Source mapping to Account Source during lead conversion

We auto fill lead source when a new lead is created from a web-to-lead form. Once that lead is converted into a lead, the lead source value appears to be lost.


When I look at lead field mapping, their are no options to map the lead source to the Account source. So once the lead is converted to an account I loose the lead source value


When I defined values for the lead source drop down, I'm given an option to include the drop down values for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, so again, why am I unable to map the lead source to the newley created account?

How can I map(retain) the lead source to the account created during lead conversion?
During Lead Conversion , standard field are mapped automatically.We don't have any control on that,if Lead Source is not getting mapped then you can try one of the 2 options

1.) Create a custom field on Lead to copy Lead Source Value and then create a custom field on Account and map them during Lead conversion.
2.) Create an Apex Trigger on Account which would copy the Lead source value from Lead and populate the Account Source field.

Hope this helps !!

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