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Urgent: Email to case Functionality creating too many cases

Hey Guys, 

We just enabled email -to-case functionlaity in our company. Everytime someone sends email to routing address , it creates a case in salesforce. But if the emai is CC 'ed to someone else and he replies to that email , it creates a duplicate case in salesforce. We dont want any duplicates to be created everytime someone replies. I know if we can enable auto response notification and include Thread Id then we can avoid duplicates. And, I tried to send auto response email to everyone including CCed emails. But I was not able to set up that. So I was just wondering , is there a way send auto response email notification to all users including CCed one so that I can include Thread ID and avoid getting duplicates created ??? Or is there any other way to avoid duplicates ? Please help.


Please see if this helps: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Why-is-Email-to-Case-creating-duplicate-cases&language=en_US

If you still have the issue after going through the article, I would suggest you to raise a Support Case with Salesforce.com.