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Does attachments takes record size

   Salesforce has two main storage Data Storage and File Storage. So does attachments counts against file storage as . I want to clarify that if I have 5000 attachments each of 4KB. So total would be 20MB file storage. So it will only count against file storage. Does this also get counted in data storage where each record takes 2k so 10 MB in Data storage. So total data usage would be 30MB or 20Mb just for File Storage? Thanks in advance. 
Kiran Machhewar
Hi Kiran, 

See the links below, 

How do salesforce calculate data?


Storage Capacity Limits
Storage Capacity
Storage is divided into two categories: data storage and file storage. File storage includes files in attachments, the Documents
tab, the Files tab, the File field, Salesforce CRM Content, Chatter (including user photos), and Site.com assets. Data storage
includes the following:
• Accounts
• Article types (format: “[Article Type Name]”)
• Article type translations (format: “[Article Type Name] Version”)
• Campaigns
• Campaign Members
• Cases
• Case Teams
• Contacts
• Contracts
• Custom objects
• Email messages
• Events
• Forecast items
• Google docs
• Ideas
• Leads
• Notes
• Opportunities
• Opportunity Splits
• Quotes
• Quote Template Rich Text Data
• Solutions
• Tags: Tag applications
• Tags: Uniq

pg#24 https://login.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet.pdf

Best Practices: 

Managing your Salesforce CRM storage