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nitin sharmanitin sharma 

Security Access Problem

Hi All,

I have two profiles one system administrator and another Standard Platform User.

I have created custom object widget1 and made it available to both the profiles.However,in the OWD's for the widget1 object I have specified  Private as the access level and after that I add record in the widget object and then I login as another user and I was hoping that  the other user will not be able to see this record as it's access level has been set as Private.However,when I login as another user then also I am able to see that record.

Can somebody please help?.Why is this hapening?.What is that I am missing?

Arunkumar RArunkumar R
Hi Nitin,

The issue might be Role and Hierarchy Setting and OWD.

Please make sure the below points,

User 1 --> system admin. --> Role --> CEO
User 2 --> standard platform user --> Role --> CEO

1. If User 1 and User 2 assigned in the  same role means both of them can see the records.

2. If User 2 in Marketing Manager and User 1 in Marketing Rep means , If the role above the Hierarchy means User 2 will able to see the User 1 records.

3. Check Grant Access Using Hierarchies in owd is checked or not. It this checked means it will share records based the hierarchies.