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Nick KaldenbergNick Kaldenberg 

Allow certain users to view Private attachments

I have a custom object that shows all the products we have in our system.  In the notes and attachments section we add images, data sheets, and pricing.

I want all users to be able to view the images and data sheets (easy)
but I only want sales reps to be able to see the pricing.

I thought I could do this by marking that attachment as private, but even when i give the sales rep group full read/write/view/modify rights it still doesn't show up.

Is there a way to give that profile group admin rights to just the product object within my app?
Daniel B ProbertDaniel B Probert
i don't think you can actually do that.

isprivate means only you can see it i think...

here's an idea i can across about the same issue: