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How to conver number to time formart ( hh:mm:ss) in report?

Hi, I have a simple report and I would like to know how can I convert a number column into time format (hh:mm:ss)?

I have a column (number) that is calculated in mins and I would like to show as time format (hh:mm:ss) in my report instead of whole number.

For example,
- 45 will show 00:45:00,
- 65 will show 01:05:00

is there any formula rules in report can do this?

Sfdc CloudSfdc Cloud
I found related post on community related to time format reporting.
Might be it can be help you out.

If it would work mark it to help Others :)
Hi, thanks for reply! I looked at those post but could not help :( 

This is my sample report ->
User-added image

The 'Email Time' column is actually in mins, as you can see from my sample report above, the Email Time is 100mins and I would like to Avg it and display it as 01:40:00 in my grouping. Please guide me
as a possible workaround, you can create a new formula field / return type text,

IF( FLOOR(Email_Time__c/60)<10, "0"&TEXT(FLOOR(Email_Time__c/60)), TEXT(FLOOR(Email_Time__c/60)))
&":" &
IF( MOD(Email_Time__c,60)<10, "0"& TEXT( MOD(Email_Time__c,60)), TEXT( MOD(Email_Time__c,60))) &":00"

and use this new text field in your report
User-added image

or create a custom summary formula,


User-added image

Lucas Pedroso SantosLucas Pedroso Santos
I have a similar issue your formula worked to turn each record's minute into this time format, however, I also need a sum of all records' minutes and turn it into hours, as well, but I can't sum the field time(hours) because it's text. What'd be the workaround for this? 
John DigregorioJohn Digregorio
I am having the same problem as Lucas - has anyone found a way to do this?   I have a number field where analyst put in time in minutes.  I can get it to show in DD:HH:MM in a text field but need to total it on a report.  Thanks JD