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Validation in Mass Email Contact

Hi experts,

I am going to use standard mass email contact option. When i select mass email then i can able to select upto 250 contacts and we can send.

But the trick is , when i selected more than 50 records it should through a error..

How can i achieve this?
Hi , 

How do I limit my mass email list to 250 or fewer recipients?

The list view functionality is an effective way to limit the list of e-mail recipients to 250 or fewer. If your current search criteria results in more than 250 records in the results than we suggest refining your search to limit the result set.

The advanced filter options in list views can be used to produce a list of recipients that fit certain criteria. Below are a few suggestions and guidelines to help you use the filter section to refine and limit your result set:

Try using:

Last Activity | not equal to | TODAY

First Name | starts with | A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Last Name | starts with | A, B, C, D

Email | not equal to | (leave blank)

Status | not equal to | Dead

State | equals | CA, AZ, WA, OR, UT, NV

Account Rating | equals | Hot

Account Revenue | greater than | 50,000,000

Account Industry | equals | BioTech, Tech

Account Ownership | equals | Public

Create Date | greater or equal | LAST MONTH


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