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Coverage struck at 63 can any one suggest possible way to cover this method

public pagereference sendEmail(){	
engine = new ParsingEngine();
        engine.originalData = mergedTemplate;
        engine.editableAreas = areas;
        mergedTemplate = engine.parsedData;
       myEmail__c email = new myEmail__c();
        try {
            //Since it is a callout, do the sending first. Then do all the DB tasks, which are really only done for tracking purposes.
            CWS.Email emailObject = new CWS.Email();
            emailObject.fromAddress = emailFrom;
            emailObject.toAddress = recipient.Email;
            emailObject.subject = emailSubject;
            emailObject.body = mergedTemplate;
            emailObject.pairs = new List<CWS.Pair>();
            attachlist =[select id,name,body from attachment where id IN : attachlist1];
            //Process the attachments 
           for (attachment att : attachlist) {
                CWS.Pair file = new CWS.Pair();
                file.key = att.name;
                file.value = EncodingUtil.base64Encode(att.body);
                att.body = null;
            email.id = emailid;
            email.From__c = emailFrom;
            email.To__c =  recipient.Email;
            email.Subject__c = emailSubject;
            email.Body__c = mergedTemplate;
            System.debug('==================111 email.id:'+ email.id);
            System.debug('==================112 email.From__c:'+ email.From__c);
            System.debug('==================113 email.To__c:'+ email.To__c);
            System.debug('==================114 email.Subject__c:'+ email.Subject__c);
            System.debug('==================115 email.Body__c:'+ email.Body__c);
            system.debug('before upsert:::::::');
            upsert email;
            system.debug('After upsert:::::::'+email);
            attachment a = new attachment();
            a.name ='email template';
            a.body = blob.valueof(mergedtemplate);
            upsert a;
            system.debug('attached template in sobjecte::::::::'+a);
            //inserting in email sobject to track sent history
            Email__c em = new email__c();
            em.Type__c ='Sent';
            em.Date_Time__c = system.now();
            em.Email__c =recipient.Email;
            system.debug('Before assgining id case::'+experienceid);
            em.experience__c = experienceid;
            system.debug('after assgining id case::'+em.experience__c);
             system.debug('Before assgining id promise::'+experienceid);          
            em.promise_date__c = experienceid;
            system.debug('after assgining id promise::'+em.promise_date__c);
            if(action !='' && action!=null){
            em.name =action +'{Ref:'+''+Casenumber+'}' ;
            else {
            em.name ='Follow Up to Your Request'+'{Ref:'+''+Casenumber+'}';
            system.debug('Before attachments');
            insert em;
            list<attachment> newAttachments = new list<attachment>();
            attachment emailAtt = new Attachment();
            emailAtt.ParentId = em.id;
            emailAtt.Name = 'Emailpdf';
            emailAtt.Body = blob.valueof(mergedTemplate);
            emailAtt.contenttype = 'pdf';
            if (newAttachments.size() > 0) {
                insert newAttachments;
                system.debug('attachments insert in email successfull::::::::::::::');
                catch(exception ex){
                  system.debug('attachments insert in email error::::::::::::::');
            Utils.addMessage(ApexPages.Severity.CONFIRM, Label.Email_Success);
            msg = true;
            emailSent = true;
         catch (Exception e) {
        system.debug('error catch block::::::::::::::');
            Utils.addMessage(ApexPages.Severity.ERROR, Label.Email_error+''+e.getmessage()+e.getLineNumber() );
            msg = true;
            emailsent = true;


When you run this test class in the developer console - you will get the lines being tested by the test method and the lines which are yet outside the test methid execution- this would make it easier for you to identify and write the next set of test methods  to target code with is uncovered yet.
HI Sonam_SFDC Thank you for a quick reply.. i have done what you said and above are the lines which are Uncovered.. This is the only method which is not getting code coverage ???