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Chris VacanoChris Vacano 

Pointing custom domain to SF Community login page

I've set up a subdomain of my company's domain (knowledge.mycompany.com) to point to 'mycompany.force.com.' using a CNAME record. However, when I attempt to access the subdomain url in a browser, I'm redirected to the salesforce login page. Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong, or how to fix it?

I tried contacting SF tech support, and they said the wouldn't help because I wasn't a "premium customer" and should therefore come here. Nice.
What's your Active Site Home Page?  When you get redirected, SF will display the home page for the Site.  However if the home page isn't properly accessible by the anonymous profile ("Public Access Settings"), SF will show you the login page to authenticate yourself to the site.  The Public Access Setting need to allow access to everything the home page needs to render, including all the VF components, fields, and objects used.
Chris VacanoChris Vacano
I'm not sure what you mean by Active Site Home Page (I assume that's Site.com or Force.com terminology... Communities sort of platforms off of both/either, but doesn't behave like a full implementation of either). However, I think the answer to the question you're asking is alight.force.com. When you put in that url, it works fine, and loads the login screen for our Community. The problem is that knowledge.alightplanning.com, which is pointed to the same location as described above, bounces. I'm assuming Public Access Settings are fine, since the page loads correctly when you use the force.com url.

Or am I totally missing something?
Can you check whether the CNAME has been registered or not,it seems you are not pointing it correctly.

Check with online tool like NSLOOKUP and see where the CNAME is pointing to ??
Chris VacanoChris Vacano

Hi Vinit,

Here is the result from an NSLOOKUP conducted at http://www.kloth.net/services/nslookup.php:

DNS server handling your query: localhost
DNS server's address:

Non-authoritative answer:
knowledge.alightplanning.com canonical name = alight.force.com.
alight.force.com canonical name = alight.na4.force.com.
alight.na4.force.com canonical name = na4.force.com.
na4.force.com canonical name = na4-was.force.com.
na4-was.force.com canonical name = na4-was.g.force.com.
Name: na4-was.g.force.com
Name: na4-was.g.force.com

I highlighted what I believe to be the relevant part. This is set up according to the instructions I found in the SF knowledgebase.



I am assuming you have your site is not alight.secure.force.com and you have set that CNAME record on Site detail page.

If all the above are correct,this seems to be an issue with salesforce as they are not handling the CNAME redirection properly.I saw the HTTP traffic,uts getting redirected to na4.salesforce.com instead of alight.force.com.

I would suggest you to talk to salesforce support and let them know about this and hopefully they will look into this.

Hope this helps !!
Chris VacanoChris Vacano
The first part of your assumption is correct: the site is not alight.secure.force.com. I only set up the CNAME record with my domain registrar. I'm not even sure what the Site detail page is or how to get to it. Bear in mind, this is SF Communities we're talking about... it's a little different than working with Site.com.

If you could advise on how to get to the Site detail page, I will investigate that, and if it turns up nothing, I'll go ahead and try to get tech support to address it.

Follow below steps :-

 Go to Setup -> Develop-> Sites -> select the site which you have used -> Click on that -> there you will see Custom domain address -> put this URL (knowledge.alightplanning.com) there and save the configuration .

Hope this helps !!
jeniffer homesjeniffer homes
However if the home page isn't properly accessible by the anonymous profile ("Public Access Settings"), SF will show you the login page to authenticate yourself to the site (http://www.greatbasinindustrial.com/).