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Lloyd SilverLloyd Silver 

Force.com site / SSO Session Timeout

I have a Force.com site using authenticated website licenses. In addition, I'm using SFDC as an identity provider for users to login to a WordPress site that is a service provider. Users start with the WordPress site and then when trying to login there are redirected to a visualforce login page where they are authenticated and returned to the WordPress site - now being a logged in user on both the WP and force.com sites.

If the user closes their browser, they are logged off from both sites.

If they log out of the WP site they are still logged in to the force.com site until they logout over there, or close their browser.

Ideally, they would stay logged in to at least the WordPress site for a longer period of time. And then if they try to access one of the pages in the force.com site (where I'm okay with shorter logout periods) they would be asked to enter their login credentials if that session has expired.

Is this possible?

Any way of allowing the service provider (WordPress in this case) to stay in logged in status for a period of time even if the browser window is closed?