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Vasco SIlveiroVasco SIlveiro 

Worflow based on multipick list values


I want to do a worflow in salesforce based on a multipick list values.

So ,i have a multi-picklist field called "Alert" that has 5 values ," 1 month" , "2ª Month", "3ª Month", "4ª Month", "5ª Month".
And i have 5 different email , each one for a different month( Email1month ,Email2month,Email3month,Email4month,Email5month)

I would like to do a worflow that will send the email depending on the values that the user choses , if only select one month , he will only recive one email .If he selects "1 month" , " 2 month" it sends the two corresponding  emails (Email1month ,Email2month) , if he selects the 1month, 2month ,5month it sends the corresponding email...

Can you help me with the formula please..i know i have to use the "Case" , but i m having some troubles building it.
A workflow rule has exactly one set of actions that fire when its criteria are true, so you'll need five separate workflows to do this. Each workflow will check if the user selected a specific month and, if so, send the appropriate email. Your rule criteria would look something like this

INCLUDES(Picklist_Field__c, "1 month")

INCLUDES(Picklist_Field__c, "2 month")


You can tie the appropriate email action to each rule.


You just need to create 5 workflow rules, 1 each for each picklist field inclusion.

The formula for the first email workflow will be something like this:

INCLUDES(Alert__c, "1 month")

The remaining 4 workflows will have the respective month number. For example, the 3 month workflow will have the formula: INCLUDES(Alert__c, "3 month")

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