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vivek singh 26vivek singh 26 

please advice how we on salesforce developer mode and we make a vf page

Arunkumar RArunkumar R
Hi Vivek,

To enable Salesforce Development Mode please do the following steps,

From Left side bar --> Administer --> Manage User --> User --> Click edit your user details --> Select the Development Mode checkbox --> sabe
vivek singh 26vivek singh 26
Force.com Flow User
Department  Service Cloud User
Division  Site.com Contributor User
    Site.com Publisher User
    Work.com User
    Salesforce Classic User
    Mobile Configuration  Lookup (New Window)
    Data.com User Type 
    Data.com Monthly Addition Limit 
    Accessibility Mode preference is hereAccessibility Mode
    Color-Blind Palette on Charts
    Force.com Quick Access Menu
    Salesforce CRM Content User
    Receive Salesforce CRM Content Email Alerts
    Receive Salesforce CRM Content Alerts as Daily Digest
    Allow Forecasting
    Call Center Call Center Lookup (New Window)
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Arunkumar RArunkumar R

1.Which salesforce edition you are using?

2.Do have have Author Apex permission in that particular user? If not select that checkbox?

3. which profile that particular user belongs?
Vivek, please make sure if you are using any free/trial salesforce edition - use  a developer  free account  and then try to turn this feature on from your user account as explained by Arun..