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Standarad Inline Edit Alert when not saved


I have a inline VF Page in the standarad Page.
The user edits a field in the standarad Page using inline.
Now the standarad page show save and cancel button.

The user never saved the standarad Page,but he goes to some action by clicking the button  in the Inline VF Page.
When the user clicks button in the InlineVF Page,I need to alert that the standarad Page has not be saved.

Cant get any thing from url key like e?retURL.
I was trying to get the document.elementbyId,getElementsByTagName,document.getElementsByClassName to check whether the 
standarad save button display stlye block.

Standarad Save button:
<input class="btn" type="button" onclick="sfdcPage.save();" name="inlineEditSave" style="display: inline;" title="Save" value="Save ">

Inline VF Page button:

<input class="btn" type="submit" value="Save" name="j_id0:mtmrHeaderform:j_id8">

You can try adding some javascript within the vf page, something like onclick="alert('Standard page is not yet saved')"
You dont understand the issue...!
Read carefully till you undestand it properly.