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when running Eclipse Android emulator

 I am running the mobile hybrid application Contact Explorer that is included in the SalesforceMobileSDK-Android source from github.  When I right click on the project and select run as => Android Application, the emulator launches and I can open the ContactExplorer application, which prompts me to login to my Salesforce development org where I setup my connected app information.  However, when I click on fetch contacts or fetch accounts, it shows that I'm skipping frames in the logcat file.  I also see that it does query the records and is retreiving the records, but nothing is showing up in the emulator.  I'm not sure what is wrong and why I don't see the contacts and accounts that I'm fetching from the application.  I'm new to mobile development and haven't been able to resolve the issue.  I'm wondering if it is some memory settings with the emulator?

Is there a better way to test the mobile applications?  Perhaps another tool that I can test from within Eclipse?

Thanks for any help.