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Dynamic pagination

I have one scenario and that is,
 i have to use the single pagination functionality with multiple records .
IN my vf page i have some static data on that time pagination should work with that static data but  in the same page there is again  i have implemented the search functionality and there is a search button so after clicking on search button some records  will come , so now my same pagination functionality should work with the search record also. It means pagination functoinality should switching the data  source according to the situation.
i tried but not success . any suggestion or idea if you people have then give me.
I understand that you have a single table where data is filled in from static data and when user searches - pagination should work for the same search result records.right?

As explained in the blog: http://blog.jeffdouglas.com/2009/07/14/visualforce-page-with-pagination/
What you need to do is save both static and dynamic record results in the same list and show as per requirement..