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Email from Scheduled Apex no longer sending since Spring 14 update

I have a custom APEX class that totals some values from a custom object and sends several emails throughout the day.  The code had been executing properly for two years untl the Spring 14 update.  Since Spring 14 only 4 of the 5 schduled emails are delivered.  The Apex code executes as expected, no exceptions are shown in the debug log, the email isSuccess method returns true, but SF never actually sends an email, there is no email activity shown in the email logs.

I can execute the code manually from the execute anonymous window and it works as expected, the desired email is sent without issue. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you checked "setup > Email administration > Deliverability " and Access Level = 'All email' ?
Sometimes happens that this parameter is changed and u don't event notice it (this means that you won'r receive any email sent from users).

Hope this helps

May the Force.com be with you!