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<apex:inputText> element value must resolve to a String type!


<apex:repeat value="{!mylist}" var="p">
<apex:inputcheckbox value="{!p.entrySelectedFM}" />

On the page is initially loaded, the above peice of block is rendered properly on the page. Also I am able to call some action function from the page. Once the action method is done i reRender the outputpanel which contains the above repeat. But on rerendeing the "entrySelectedFM" shows a message in log as below

22:39:50.132 (132898626)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|entrySelectedFM
22:39:50.134 (134807382)|VF_PAGE_MESSAGE|<apex:inputText> element value must resolve to a String type!

No other action method is called from the page after this reRender is done. Has anyone faced this issue before or let me know If you could give me some details on what could be cause for it. Any help appreciated.

Tony TannousTony Tannous

if the type of the field entrySelectedFM is checkbox, can you try to replace <apex:inputcheckbox />with  <apex:inputfield value="{!p.entrySelectedFM}" />

try it may be it will work .


It's actually an "boolean" variable coming through wrapper class
Tony TannousTony Tannous

Try to put this <input type="checkbox" value ="{!p.entrySelectedFM}" /> instead of <apex:inputcheckbox />.

type="checkbox" is not an attribute for input tag in salesforce

Tony TannousTony Tannous
yes i know , but it is for HTML, you can use it in a VF page and it a checkbox  will appear

did you try it ??
No it's stil not working.